Complementing Google Analytics

According to an eConsultancy report published today, 56% of businesses rely exclusively on Google for web analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool. Free for most companies, it provides invaluable insight into the way people interact with your website.

But how much insight does it provide into the individual behaviour of your shoppers? None. Nada. Nothing.

This is where Fresh Relevance comes in. We grab the individual behaviour data straight from your website, and make it available for your marketing systems in real-time. We capture:

  • Web behavioural data
  • Transactional data
  • Product data

All captured for each individual shopper, and handily identified with their email address whenever possible.

We then load that data into your ESP (Email Marketing System) to personalise and target your emails.

We also provide "Google-on-steroids" because, if you tag your email campaigns with Google campaign codes, Fresh Relevance reports on them and lets you drill down and see the Web-site responses for individual customers.

Minimal setup, maximum returns.


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07/10/2013 Product Info