The Ultimate Festive Season Checklist To Personalized Marketing

Officially starting on 31st October 2016, the Festive Season is closer than you think! Are you ready? A successful marketing strategy is all about timing. As the saying goes, "just as it goes for comedy, so it goes for marketing too." Engaging with consumers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message is the key to any successful marketing strategy. 

Make it relevant, make it emotional!

Building a relevant and emotional bond with your customers couldn’t be easier than when the winter holidays arrive. The warm feelings that family, relationships and gratitude give people around this time of the year can be the perfect base to use for your campaign; it builds trust and credibility with customers. Even the most rational people make decisions influenced by emotions unconsciously. Let consumers know that they are important to your brand on a more personal level with a consistent cross-channel, personalized email and website strategy that will keep your customers engaged with the right message at the right time. 


Fresh Relevance has the tools you need this Festive Season.

Continue the holiday season push past Black Friday and Cyber Monday with promotions leading up to Christmas Day and beyond. Fresh Relevance provides you with all the tools you'll need this festive season. Click to read our strategy and features checklist to make sure you are well prepared and ready for the holiday craze! 

A few examples you should make sure you have ticked on your to-do list:

  1. Buyers are increasingly heading to the web to make purchase decisions before walking through store doors. Use Cart and Browse Abandon Emails from Black Friday web searching activity to entice customers to complete purchases. 
  2. Arguably the biggest day in the ecommerce calendar, Cyber Monday is an opportunity to start off the holiday season with a bang. Engage your customers with pre and post-purchase, personalized, promotional campaigns to drive urgency (e.g. use a Countdown Timer) and revenue. 

Use our Holiday Toolkit to personalize your web and email strategy this season! 


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