Countdown To Christmas Delivery

In our last blog post we discussed getting people back to your site with an advent calendar. Now drive urgency and keep subscribers up to date with our countdown timers to let your customers know how long they have to get their presents delivered on time!

Our Smartblocks update in real-time in your webpages and at point of open in emails so your customers can always know they have time they have to order for free delivery or last delivery.




Above is a working example that shows the time left for Hourly Christmas Deals.

Find out more about creating countdown timers for Christmas by contacting us to discuss how easy it is to implement this for you.

Simply configure your countdown timer in Fresh Relevance and copy a block of standard HTML into your normal email template or web page, where you want it to appear and customers see the current time left when they open your email or look at your website.

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11/30/2015 Product Info