How You Can Use Coupons Across Channels

Assign a Personal Coupon, across multiple Channels and Devices

Do your single use coupons get lost? Seen in an email that is never returned to? Using personalized coupons across channels ensures that your customers see their coupons at multiple points in their journey. 
The Fresh Relevance platform can issue personalized coupons to active users in real-time. This greatly reduces the number of wasted coupons plus lets you generate urgency with automated timers.
Keep new and returning customers engaged using Fresh Relevance real-time, personalized, automated coupons on your ecommerce website and within your engagement emails.

How It Works

Wherever a customer first interacts, whether it's in your emails or website, they are assigned an individual code, which then follows them around for their entire journey. This increases exposure and redemption rate, decreases wastage, increases revenue and makes your life as a marketer a lot simpler! Set-up is quick and simple using the Fresh Relevance platform.

You can also create time-based urgency with a countdown timer or pair with tailored product recommendations to engage your current and prospective customers. 

When to Use

Use in cart abandonment emails, browse abandonment emails, post-purchase emails, newsletters, during sales and across your website to engage all customers on an individual level.

Here's an Example

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04/25/2016 Product Info