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Over the past year, Fresh Relevance have released a number of resources and free to download eBooks. Why not take a look for yourself? You may learn a thing or two!

Happy Holidays!

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Revolutionaries Guide to Real-Time Marketing

The brands that are slow to realize that consumers are demanding a more personalized experience from marketing they are presented with, will lose out. People no longer engage as before with generic mass marketing.

They want to feel special, valued and important; content that has been designed for the majority will never have this effect.

Fight back against bland, impersonal marketing and revolutionize how you communicate with your customers. Revolutionize how you engage with your customers.

revolutionaries guide to real-time marketing

The Gift of Personalization

For some retailers, the holiday season represents as much as 30% of annual sales, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday bringing in the most traffic, both cyber and foot. Don’t fall behind during the holiday season; stay on top of your marketing!

While we do not have a magic ball to confidently proclaim 2017 a holiday season success for all retailers, the Fresh Relevance digital marketing platform can provide the tools to personalize your festive marketing campaigns with dynamic and personalized real-time email and website engagement. Read our Holiday resource guide to see if you have all of the boxes ticked on our holiday checklist.

revolutionize your marketing this holiday season

Leverage Social Proof to Drive Online Sales and Engagement

Put simply, when people see other people taking an action and benefiting from it, they too will tend to take the same action. Similarly, people tend to trust information from unbiased shoppers. By showing visitors that other people just like them have recently enjoyed the same product, you’re giving them Social Proof that the product or service you’re providing is worthwhile.

Find out the full list of Social Proof options available through Fresh Relevance, by downloading the eBook.

social proof

Build Customized Experiences for Travel Customers

In today’s digital world, options available to consumers are increasing at such a rapid pace, it is becoming harder to confidently know where to look or buy. Marketers are challenged with both attracting shoppers to their website and keeping shoppers’ attention once they have landed.

Fresh Relevance has put together a Travel eBook that showcases in four sections how you can build customized experiences that capture the viewer’s attention and add value to your website by offering the most current and relevant content in real-time:

travel marketing

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