How to Build Customized Experiences for Retail Customers with Fresh Relevance

The retail industry is so competitive these days, retail brands need to offer real value and authenticity to stand out from the crowd and be able to catch and keep a shopper’s attention in the long run.  

Personalization has the power to establish relationships previously found only in face-to-face brick and mortar stores.

A store owner would see a customer looking in one section, then recommend best selling products in that section. Or a frequent customer would walk through the door and find themselves immediately greeted by name and given updates on the products they previously browsed.

Using transactional and behavioral data, Fresh Relevance provides the ability to bring these loyalty building relationships to your website and emails.

“In fact, 86% of consumers — and 96% of retailers — said personalization has at least some impact on the purchasing decision, according to a study from Infosys. The study also found that almost one third (31%) of consumers wanted more personalization in their shopping experiences.”

Retail eBook

Therefore, Fresh Relevance has put together an eBook focused on how retail brands can effectively use personalization in their email and website marketing to really make a difference. The eBook is a full guide introducing the benefits of personalization through detailed information and images on how to personalize successfully broken down into 4 sections:

1) Web Personalization & Customization

2) Triggered Email Personalization & Customization

3) Real-Time Content Tools

4) Data, Testing, Reporting


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