How to Design Effective Emails [Infographic]

Does the email have a good subject line? Would you open it, if you were a shopper?Does the email content align with the subject line?Does the email match your site's look and feel? Is it obviously sent by your brand?'Does the email have a good pre-header (Text at the very top that also shows in the inbox.)Will the email generate 'qualified opens'? Is it likely to be opened by serious shoppers, not just those after a 'free gift'?Are all the obvious places clickable? Do all the links work?If readers click on a random link, how often will they go somewhere irrelevant?Does the email have a strong and obvious call to action?Are you tracking all links with Google Analytics or your analytics provider's parameters?Have you tested your email in popular email clients, including mobile clients?Is your email personalised and appropriate to the level of engagement (neither too friendly, nor too formal)?Are suitable fallbacks used in the case of missing dataIs there a count-down timer to generate urgency?Do you use open-time product feeds, so you'll display 'in stock' products with their current prices?Are there personalised product recommendations?Are you varying content and contact rate for new, regular, active, top and disengaged customers?Do you have an obvious 'Click here to unsubscribe' link?Is there a footer with terms and conditions?Are the address and company details included in the footer?Have you included a list-unsubscribe header for Gmail and Outlook?

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09/22/2014 How-tos