Send Cart Abandonment Recovery Emails For Multiple Abandoned Products

Fresh Relevance can now send Cart Abandonment Recovery Emails containing the entire contents of the shopping cart as a chunk of HTML. This is particularly useful for retailers whose shoppers often buy several products at once. By including all the products in the cart abandonment email, the shopper is reminded of all the products they had carted, increasing the likelihood of them returning to buy. 

The system creates a cart template by default, so you don't need to know any HTML to use it. There are several standard cart styles, so if you want a different look, you can just select another.

Here's a simple example of how the cart might appear in the email. In a real email, your header/footer would appear above and below this cart area:

When the cart abandonment email is sent, the cart will be populated with the products that the shopper abandoned, including the image, description (or name), price, and the total price. If you want more, we can create custom script to include any offer/sale price alongside the regular price.

If you have designers, then they have full control of all the HTML that is used. Alternatively, we can provide design services to make the email fit perfectly with your brand. 

If you would like to know more about how to create and edit the way the cart looks in your remarketing emails, here's a tutorial.


  • Fresh Relevance creates a template, using the standard Jinja2 templating language, and merges the cart contents into it. Jinja is more powerful then ESP mail-merges, and many designers already know it, so clients can easily modify the template to match their house style. 
  • This is an alternative to Fresh Relevance's original mechanism of separate fields describing just the top product. Clients can continue to use that if they want to showcase a single product, or keep 100% of formatting in their chosen ESP.
  • Entry-level "bronze" accounts are limited to a single product, so they get the option of using the new cart HTML template, but only for the top product.

The system creates a cart template by default, but you can choose a different look as follows:

  1. Click "Settings", click "Cart Template", choose a "Cart Style" and click the "Save" button.

  2. Clicking "Save" shows you a preview of the cart. Click "Back to Cart Template Settings" to go back and make more changes.

  3. The current cart HTML shows in the text edit box at the bottom of the Cart Template page. To change it, select "custom", edit the HTML and click the "Save" button. If you just want to edit the style, then leave the Jinja {% ... %}, {# .. #} and {{ .. }} mail-merges alone.

Finally, to see how to merge the resulting cart HTML into your remarketing HTML, click "Help", "1 - Get Started" and look at the merge code labelled, "A single block of HTML for the cart contents".

A simple way to improve the effectiveness of your remarketing emails.

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01/14/2013 Product Info