Feature Friday - Better Triggered Emails

Fresh Relevance have recently added several improvements to trigger programs - some of these were previously support-only. (Update in Jan 2016 - more improvements)

  • Multiple cart layouts, so you can more easily use appropriate formats for different programs or steps in a program.
  • Personalize the emails based on the step, the person, or the products mentioned.
  • Per-program catchall addresses, so remarketing emails can go to a test address while you're editing them.
  • Per-program pausing, so you can stop a program from working, while you make changes or for testing.
  • Per-program option to ignore marketing pressure and send all emails, for e.g. post-purchase programs which deliver on-boarding help or payment instructions.
  • Per-program script, so you have full control over which programs run for which shoppers and products.
  • Per-action script, so you have full control over which actions run.

These features are available for all new and existing trigger programs and for all clients. Go to Triggers, click one of your trigger programs or create a new one, and scroll down. Use them yourself, or contact us for an estimate:

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03/28/2014 Product Info