Feature Friday - Even Better Recommendations for ‘Best Categories’

Fresh Relevance provides personalized recommendations in your product pages and emails, so shoppers have more opportunities to buy.

These automatically recommend products that match each shopper's interests and the other categories on the page. Also see: How to put Real-Time Product Recommendations in your Emails.

We've recently improved these recommendations with "Best Categories" filtering, which adds the following options:

  • Only include Categories within certain Category Groups, e.g. "Electronics Department"
  • Always include some Categories, e.g. "Special Offers" 
  • Always exclude some Categories, e.g. "Gifts" and "Cart Fillers" 
  • Always ignore some Category Groups, e.g. "Size" and "Weight"

"Best Categories" filtering is available immediately, for all clients with a Pro or Enterprise license. Use it yourself, or contact us for an estimate to update your recommendations.

To create a new product recommendation using this new feature:

  • go to content|smart blocks|recommendations.
  • click create metered, because this feature is for metered smartblocks
  • hover over a template and click create
  • click Filtering and drag Best Category into Active Filters, where it looks like this:

  • As you can see, there are a lot of category-based options. You can leave them empty, or include one or more category. Either type the category values by hand, or else click to get a dropdown list and select from that. 
  • This Best Category filter can be combined with our other filters, such as Price, Stock Level, Promotion, Extra Data etc.

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04/29/2016 Product Info