Feature Friday - Even Better Triggered Emails

Fresh Relevance have been steadily adding even more improvements to trigger programs (see here for the previous bunch of new features)

New Features:

  • Calculate send times based on product information (or pretty much anything else). For example send a reminder 24 hours before a flight or 1 hour before a sale offer will end.
  • Multiple action channels, to help you send some messages to the shopper and some to your call center.
  • Many more possibilities for real-time email content, such as Social Proof and Coupons.
  • More control of marketing pressure, so shoppers see all emails in a sequence, with: ignore marketing pressure for all sends and ignore marketing pressure for all sends after the first. 
  • Override the cart contents, optionally refreshing it to show current prices and details instead of what the shopper originally saw.

These features are available for all new and existing trigger programs and for all clients. Go to Triggers, click one of your trigger programs or create a new one, and scroll down. Use them yourself, or contact us for an estimate:

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01/29/2016 Product Info