Feature Friday - Even Better Twitter Feeds

Fresh Relevance have significantly improved live twitter feeds, for use in your emails and web pages. Also see: How to Put a Twitter Feed in Your Emails.




Like all SmartBlocks, we use HTML for layouts, so you can design Twitter Feeds just like your other online marketing.  They've simply got better and faster.

For example:

1. Sophisticated, multi-level caching. This greatly improves display speed, because we're not limited by the slowest part of the formatting pipeline.

  • cache results from the Twitter API;
  • cache intermediate results of formatting;
  • CDN - content distribution network to cache the results.

2. Optionally omit retweets in your twitter feed,

3. Scan more tweets when matching a hashtag,

These features are available immediately for all new and existing twitter feeds and for all clients. To create a new one, go to content|smart blocks|twitter feeds. Use them yourself, or contact us for an estimate

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02/19/2016 Product Info