How to Remarket to More Shoppers

identification and real time cart abandonment graph - april 2014

It's not quite as simple as multiplying the first two together - because your best customers are also the easiest to identify - but if you can increase the visitor identification rate from say 25% to 50% your sales uplift will increase significantly.

How to Improve your visitor identification rate:

  1. Keep doing bulk email marketing. There's a synergy between bulk and real-time marketing - done properly, both of them build your email list and maintain engagement, which in turn means more return visitors. As time passes, the identification rate will gradually rise. Fresh Relevance records the activity of your visitors; at first, they are mostly anonymous, but whenever someone is identified we de-anonymise them and we also drop a cookie, so they will be identified next time too.
  2. Merge person ID into the links in your bulk marketing emails, so that whever someone clicks through from an email to your eCommerce site, Fresh Relevance will automatically recognize them (the details vary by ESP - see here for instructions). Most ESPs make this pretty simple and if you have an account with Fresh Relevance you can see instructions as follows: Logon and go to Help | Integration | Identify More Visitors. BTW if you can't use Person IDs for some reason, you can get the same benefit by merging email addresses into links instead.
  3. Configure Fresh Relevance to get ID data from your ESP. See here for details.
  4. Add a pop-over window/slider to your eCommerce site, to encourage visitors to sign up. We provide this as a managed service - contact us and ask about Fresh Relevance Pop-over forms. We integrate with absolutely everyone, built-in forms and third-party vendors alike, or we can create custom forms for you as a service. One of our USPs is that our Slot Rules provide you with an unrivalled level of control. As an example, we can display an email address collection form only after an unknown visitor has seen three product pages, and we can personalize the offer to match the product categories they have seen.


The quality of your remarketing matters too, and for that you need to collect shopper actions. Fresh Relevance is a leader for the amount of data recorded - e.g. it collects products browsed and carted, not just products sold. And actions from the start of the session, not just when the shopper is identified. In contrast, systems that come integrated with eCommerce systems tend to be quite limited - they don't collect all this data because they don't need it to track successful purchases, which is what they were designed for.

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