Real-Time Personalization for your Emails

Formatting at Open Time

The secret of good email marketing is getting the right offer to the right person at the right time. And the right time is probably not when you send a marketing email, but when your subscriber opens it.

Look at the simple example email below, which contains a row of trending products and the subscribers' cart.

Typical ESP systems format email content when the email is sent - freezing it in time - and by the time someone opens their email, the advertized products may all have sold. The reader will get "out of stock" errors if they try to click through - the opposite of effective marketing!

Wouldn't it be better if the content was formatted when the email is opened, so it's accurate. And when the reader clicks on a product, they go to its page and it's always in stock? And you could do this with your existing ESP? Welcome to real-time personalization!

This includes product feeds (see below), count-down timers, and basically any time/person-dependant content that you can think of.


How it works

Fresh Relevance provides real-time "product feeds" for things like trending products and cart contents. They are quite simple to setup:

  1. You design some HTML as normal to advertize your products, including mail-merge codes for them, or use one of our standard feed layouts.
  2. Fresh Relevance compiles the HTML, replacing the "real-time bits" with image tags.
  3. You paste the resulting compiled HTML into an email template in your own ESP, for example a newsletter.

Everything else is automatic:

  • Your ESP sends the email to everyone on your marketing list
  • When each recipient receives their email, they open it, and Fresh Relevance provides product images for the "real-time" bits.
  • When a recipients clicks on a product image, Fresh Relevance redirects them to the right product page on your site.
  • For example, the two rows of products in the demo below are product feeds. Each of the product entries is an image formatted by Fresh Relevance from a fragment of HTML with mail-merge codes and a background image. This example is simple, but we're rendering standard HTML on our servers, so your formatting options are unlimited. For example you could show different content depending on the time-or-day, or a count-down until an offer expires.
  • This approach requires a lot of server power, which we have. But it's worth it because it works with all ESPs and email clients to give you maximum flexibility.

This requires a Fresh Relevance Gold or Enterprise License. Read more about Personalization, or Contact us for more details.

Example Email

Demo Email with Fresh Relevance Real-time Personalization.

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Trending Products: Buy Now or Miss out! (Real-time Data Feed)
These Items Are Waiting In Your Cart (Real-time Data Feed)

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  • The sections labelled "Trending Products: Buy Now or Miss out!" and "These Items Are Waiting In Your Cart"  are genuine, real-time products feeds. Look at the HTML and you'll see what's going on.
  • Each product entry is rendered as an image, in real-time, including the text for name and price.
  • Because Fresh Relevance uses images, these feeds show up-to-the-minute data, and work in emails and web pages.

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Photo by Ged Carroll

02/13/2014 Product Info