Real-Time Recommendations on your Website

A picture tells a thousand words and real-world shoppers find products by looking. But on many websites, the main way to find a product is to navigate or search using words. So it's not surprising that many would-be shoppers leave without finding anything that they want to buy.

Fresh Relevance helps your website sell, by using Big Data to show names and pictures of recommended products to the right person at the right time. It's the same idea as a shop window or a display rack but tailored for each individual shopper.

Add recommended products wherever you like - we suggest near the bottom of the page so you don't need to change the design, or in a column on the right. For example, you could include new products, or those popular right now, or products targetted to appeal to each individual shopper - and let shoppers see them and choose.


Fresh Relevance provides a selection of real-time product recommendations, which you can tailor to your exact needs and increase ROI immediately:

  1. Increase sales by adding recommendation feeds below the main content of your web pages because this is an easy way to let shoppers see your range. We are seeing an additional sales uplift of several percent.
  2. Use feeds instead of manual editing to reduce costs when used to display selected products such as "new products" or "today's offers, because pages update automatically.


Example Recommendations

We have many recommendation types, but here's one example: in real-world shops, shoppers watch the other customers to see what's hot. Help them do the same on your Web site, by adding this product feed on your home page. 

Also in real-world shops, when shoppers are looking at one product, they're surrounded by others in the same category, which really helps if they are not exactly sure what they want and need ideas. DO the same on your Website, by adding a recommendation at the bottom of your product page, to automatically show other products in the same category as the current one, such as the following example for "denim":

These product recommendations are rendered by Fresh Relevance servers in real-time and delivered into your Website as HTML (or your emails as images). No programming required. You can add filtering to select by e.g. category or date range. Appearance is completely under your control, using a HTML layout with standard Jinja2 markup, so you can e.g. overlay text on the product images, or display a pop-up form when the product is clicked, or anything else that you can do on a Web page. We can assist with the design work (as a paid service) if required.


Outline Instructions

Recommendations are straightforward if you're experienced in editing Web pages - and we provide help and support.

Logon; go to "Content|Product Feeds"; click "My Website"; choose a layout or design one of your own; choose a product data source (crowd-sourced, personal, or product) such as "frequently purchased"; and follow the instructions to copy-and-paste the HTML of the resulting product recommendation into your Web page. If you want to personalize which products are chosen, for example by product category, then modify the feed as explained in "Help|Personalization|Filtering the products shown".

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