Fully-Animated Countdown Timers

Animation is only limited by your imagination. We combine 60 frames into each animated GIF, using full HTML+CSS, so there's no need to stick with a clock.

Subtle animation attracts attention

This countdown has a slowly changing background color, but you could also vary font color, typeface (!), font size, or rotate the text etc.

You''ve got the full power of HTML and CSS, so we're sure that clients will come up with a lot of ideas that are much cleverer than this!

creative countdown timer, color changing effects

New features include:

  • Each Animated Countdown Timer is now a single GIF file, so it's very easy to position within your marketing
  • Very fast image formatting - we format the animation frames simultaneously, using lots of cloud servers in parallel, then combine the formatted frames into a GIF
  • Multi-stage caching to optimise performance. New versions of GIFs are requested BEFORE they are needed, whenever possible, to avoid delays in normal use.
  • 60 frames are combined into each animated GIF, using full HTML+CSS
mothers day animated countdown timers

Like all our SmartBlocks, Animated Countdown timers have:

  • Standard HTML layouts, like your other online marketing, with no need for special editing tools, or to manage multiple versions of collateral
  • Optional personalization 
  • Cross-channel: use the same content for web and email etc.
  • Real-time rules and formatting can change the content of emails that have already been sent, in response to shopper actions or decisions by the marketer
fashion countdown timer


CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, comments, “Our new Animated Countdown Timers are a great advance on what's out there. I look forward to seeing the new uses that marketers invent for them.” 


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02/23/2016 Product Info