Give Marketers Total Control of the Retail Website with Site Editor

Not being able to make immediate changes to the website is one of the biggest sources of frustration for marketers working in online retail.

The Fresh Relevance Site Editor gives marketers total control over what content is presented, and how and where it is displayed to website visitors, all with easy to use drag-and-drop functionality.

Why do I need it?

The Site Editor has been developed to speed-up the process of making changes to your website. All too often the launch of a new campaign, release of a promotion, or response to a competitor promotion is delayed unnecessarily, by the need to involve someone with the technical knowhow. With the Site Editor, you can have total control and confidence to make the changes you need immediately.

The Site Editor ensures only those with the relevant permissions can make alterations to the website, as well as providing a full audit trail of what was changed and when. It also includes a preview function to ensure the changes look exactly as intended before going live and features the ability to go back in time and revert to the previous version of a web page; ideal for if you are running a flash sale and want to switch back quickly once it is over.

How do I use it?

Using the Site Editor, marketers simply drag and drop ‘slots’ onto a web page and populate them with dynamic and relevant content including Fresh Relevance’s extensive range of real-time personalized SmartBlocks. You can choose from the full range of real-time personalized SmartBlocks including Product Recommendations, Social Proof, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram Integration, Coupons, Animated and Static Countdown Timers and Weather Tools.

Use Cases

Site Editor can be used for various different functions including:

1. Testing different types of Product Recommendations

  • Combine Fresh Relevance Site Editor and Split Testing to determine what content works better. For example, test personalized Product Recommendations vs crowd-sourced Product Recommendations.

2. Testing the same SmartBlock in different places of the website

  • This allows for the design of the website to be tested before it actually goes live, in turn increasing confidence.

3. Quickly adding other Fresh Relevance personalization and real-time content tactics

  • Such as Social Proof to product pages or Countdown Timers to a homepage for flash sales.


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05/19/2017 Product Info