Optimize your Google AdWords Campaigns with Fresh Relevance

Optimize your Google AdWords Campaigns with Fresh Relevance

Google AdWords is an online advertising service where advertisers pay to display their ads to web users in Google Search. By using paid searches you can see immediate results, rather than waiting for your site to work its way up the rankings organically.

AdWords is an extremely flexible marketing platform that increases leads and customers by tapping into huge, high-quality traffic sources. The results are fast and transparent with high return on investment. According to CMO.com, retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert compared to ones who aren’t. And moreover, you can find out more about your market.



How does Google AdWords actually work?

It’s pretty simple… you pick some keywords that a searcher is likely to use on Google and create an advert which will appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), based on those keywords.

You may be thinking “What if other companies also use the same keywords?”. Rival companies can bid for the same search term, meaning there will be multiple Ads, resulting in the SERP listing multiple ads.

Obviously the more you pay per click, the more likely your ad is to appear in the search results. HOWEVER, Google Ads are not based on the highest bid alone – Google also uses something called ‘quality score’.

Google assesses how relevant your ad is to the search terms used. For example, if someone searches ‘White Converse’ and your ad appears saying “buy white Converse here”, the ad should link directly to your page where you can purchase white Converse. Linking to your generic home page, for example, will not be good enough.

The higher your quality score the better, and in fact, even if the maximum bid you’re willing to pay is less than your competitors, your ad could still appear above theirs if your quality score is better.



What is Fresh Relevance Segment Builder?

Fresh Relevance collects data from your website visitor behavior, and Segment Builder lets you drill down into the mass of data and create segments. Read more about Fresh Relevance Segment Builder here.

How do Fresh Relevance Segment Builder and Google AdWords work together?

Manage your search budgets with valuable targeting that allows you to reach an audience that is already familiar with your brand and products. Why spend all of your search budget on cold clicks, when you can invest in attracting warm and hot clicks using the Fresh Relevance Segment builder.

Reach your existing website browsers and customers directly, by first building your behavioral segments using the Fresh Relevance Segment Builder, then upload those segment lists into Google Audience Match. This hyper-targeted integration allows for you to build highly relevant and targeted AdWords campaigns that keep your brand on the top of mind of your recent and lapsed website visitors.



Target your Google Adwords campaigns with Fresh Relevance

  • Recent browsers to your website who browsed/carted/purchased certain categories.




  • Recent visitors who browsed/carted/purchased certain products.




  • Lapsed buyers who have not visited the site recently.




  • Shoppers who browsed items that have dropped in price.




  • Shoppers who browsed items that were out of stock and are now in stock.




Fresh Relevance also integrates with other Google products such as YouTube and Gmail Adverts.

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