How to Automate Daily Personalized Emails

Here's a use case that most email marketers will recognize:

  • You want to send regular personalized emails, maybe every day, to tell subscribers about your latest offers or relevant products.
  • But creating these emails every day takes hours - and getting them tested and OK'd by the stakeholders is a nightmare
  • So ideally you want just one email template that you can reuse each time.
  • Every subscriber should see the latest products that they personally like - not a one-size-fits-all choice.

Fresh Relevance makes it easy. Start by designing a layout. Here's our suggestion 

  1. Begin with an introductory message. This could be static, as part of the email template, or you could use a banner SmartBlock - e.g. based on the one of the simple grey templates
  2. Product of the Day comes next. This could be a Product Recommendation SmartBlock with 1 product - e.g. based on the hero image, green background template.
  3. Then a grid of four products, "recommended for you". This is a product recommendation SmartBlock - e.g. based on the 2-column fluid, filtered by the best category.
  4. Then static text explaining how to order
  5. Finally your live Twitter feed, to maximise engagement

Here's how it looks as a block diagram

Create the blocks, using Fresh Relevance

  1. Introductory message: Create this in your ESP or using a standard Banner SmartBlock: choose one of the simple grey templates and optionally choose a background image, enter headline and/or message text.

  2. Product of the Day: Create a standard Recommendation SmartBlock from the "Hero image, green background" template or similar:

  • On the Layout tab, click the pen icon to edit the layout and replace the headlineText and Background Image values with your values. 
  • On the Data Sources tab, enter maximum 1 product, Data Source Predefined Fixed Product Ids, Fallback Data Source 1 products from New Products.
  • On the Filtering tab, drag Product ID into the Active Filters and choose the single product that you want to promote today. You can edit this each day to choose a different product.
  1. Recommended For You: Create a metered Recommendation SmartBlock from the 2-column fluid template:

  • On the Data Sources tab, set the data source as 4 Products from Crowd-Sourced Frequently Browsed, and set Fallback as 4 Products from New Products.
  • On the Filtering tab, drag Best Category into the Active Filters, set Filter to "best 5 categories browsed over the last 30 days", and add the most relevant category group(s). Choose category groups like "brand" or "product type" which tightly specify what the shopper wants.
  1. Some static text explaining how to order. Just enter this directly into the email template, in your ESP.

  2. Twitter Feed: Create a standard Twitter Feed SmartBlock with a Twitter ID matching your company's twitter account.

Decide which SmartBlock goes in which slot in your ESP's email template

  1. If creating a new slot (e.g. when you're getting started): hover the mouse over a SmartBlock and click Use, for Email Personalization, Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot, choose a memorable Slot Name, Save, and copy the HTML into the body of email in your ESP.

  2. If changing the content of an existing slot (e.g. when working on an existing email template): hover the mouse over a SmartBlock and click Use, for Email Personalization, Replace the contents of an Existing Slot, choose a Slot and click Use.

ProTip: You can set up much more complicated Slot Rules if you wish, e.g. so different types of shopper see completely different content, or content that depends on the date and time. And you can modify Slot Rules at any time, after an email has been sent.

Or if you prefer, contact Fresh Relevance Services who can do everything for you.

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10/05/2015 How-tos