How to Boost Engagement with Pokemon GO

Marketers! Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Then you've probably jumped on the bandwagon of addictive social game and fitness app, Pokémon Go, which has more users than Tinder, and has significantly boosted social media use.

For example sales tripled at Mad Hatter's Ice Cream in Anacortes, Washington, when a Pokéstop opened right opposite.

There's no need to use the app. You can take advantage of the the game by leveraging standard social marketing.

We can make it double!

We can do better. By combining Fresh Relevance targeting and Facebook targeting, you can run your social marketing extremely cost-effectively.

  • Use Fresh Relevance Segment Builder to export active shoppers or buyers as a segment, filtering on their characteristics or behaviour
  • Import this into Facebook as a Custom Audience, and optionally increase its size by creating a Facebook Lookalike Audience of potential customers who look like your existing customers
  • Use Facebook to create a second Custom Audience of everyone near you interested in Pokémon
  • Use Facebook Power Editor to target Pokémon-related adverts at people interested in both these audiences - they are your customers (or potential customers) and are interested in Pokémon



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07/29/2016 How-tos