How to Change Your Email Content - Even After It’s Sent!

How to Change Your Email Content with the Weather, Even After It's Sent! <picture of blizzard> from here, with URL under it: Your marketing email has the wrong content. Could be a blizzard blocked deliveries, or a mistyped offer price that's far too low. Either way, customers will soon be causing problems! Old Approach: You design and send an apology email to your entire list. Meanwhile complaints continue for hours! New Solution: If the problem is a typo in your real-time content, just edit it. Sorted! If it's more complicated, like a blizzard preventing deliveries:* Put an explanation of what's happened in a Custom SmartBlock* Or on a Web Page copied with a Web Crop SmartBlock Put the explanation in your email(s): * Goto Content|Slots* Hover over a slot used in your email(s), e.g. for a countdown timer* click Edit then Rules* Click the 'x' beside the existing SmartBlock* Drag the new SmartBlock into that position* Click Save You fixed the problem in minutes, so no more customer complaints!

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This is essential to leverage social buzz, because you can keep your email content relevant to trending hashtags, minute-by-minute.

Q: Can I change the click-through URL?

A: Yes, you can choose any URL for your new Smart Block, so clicks go to a page with further explanation.

Q: After the problem is sorted out, can I put the original content back in my email(s)?

A: Yes, of course.

Q. Can I create content that automatically changes with the weather?

A. Yes of course.

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01/29/2015 How-tos