How to Nurture Post-Purchase Customers

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that effective eCommerce marketing ends with a customer buying something. Continuing to engage with your customers by sending them relevant content even after they’ve completed their purchase is key for maintaining a strong relationship. After all, don’t forget that retaining customers is far more valuable in the long-run than acquiring new ones.

The key time to strengthen your customer relationship is while your brand is fresh in their mind: immediately after their purchase. Post-purchase emails can be used for various reasons and in various ways. This blog will look at six ways that online retailers can keep customers engaged after they’ve made a purchase.

Shipping Information

Give customers an insight into their shipping process and update them on when their recent purchase is expected to arrive. 

shipping information

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are incredibly valuable to online retailers for a number of reasons: they provide useful feedback, are a great form of Social Proof and they’re also effective for SEO purposes. They’re also a great way to just simply keep in touch with your customers and demonstrate top customer service, but most importantly, they’re the perfect opportunity to set up another purchase. Use the Fresh Relevance platform to Webcrop reviews from your website and insert them into your post-purchase email. 

customer feedback and reviews, forms of social proof example


Although some customers may not be ready to purchase straight away, a little nudge in the right direction never hurt anyone. Pull in Recommended Products based on your customers’ recent browsing or purchase behavior, and display using a simple ‘you may also like’ section of the post-purchase email, using Fresh Relevance machine learning techniques.

upselling using machine learning and content recommendation engine

Repeat Purchase

Give customers the option to repeat the purchase they recently made. This kind of email should not be sent straight after but, depending on the product, days, weeks or even months later. 

repeat purchase

Micro Conversions 

While repeat purchases are the main goal in post-purchase emails, it’s important to remember that timing is everything! The timing of your marketing messages is crucial, and a customer may not be ready for a further purchase so soon after their initial one, so maybe focus on tempting them back to your site initially. Use this opportunity to encourage micro-conversions like social following by adding Social Media Integration SmartBlocks.

tempt customers back to your site

Reactivate Customers

Re-engage with customers you haven’t heard from in a while. Attach a Coupon with money off their next purchase to encourage them to come back and make another purchase, or send simple Product Recommendations based on their previously browsed or purchased items. Let them know you’re there, ready and waiting, just in case they’d forgotten.

reactivate customers with a personalised coupon code email

With Fresh Relevance, build and send post-purchase emails using real-time, personalized dynamic content (SmartBlocks) and custom triggers

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