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Put a Real-Time Coupon in your EmailsTo attract shoppers and boost sales.STEP 1: Go to the Coupon Smartblock Page:> Left nav: Content|SmartBlocks, > click CouponSTEP2 : Choose any Metered Layout> Click Create Metered> Choose e.g. Generic Coupon> Click CreateSTEP 2: Customize it> Properties tab  Enter a clickthrough URL and Google tracking codes> Expiry tab  Enter the expiry date> Upload Codes tab  Load one code and the number of coupons  Or paste a list of codes  Click SaveSTEP 3: Create a Slot> Hover over the new Coupon SmartBlock and click Use> Choose for Email Personalization> Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot> Slot Name = My Coupon Slot> Click SaveSTEP 4: Add it to your email> Copy and paste the HTML into your emailSTEP 5: PROTIP Edit the slot rules to control who sees the couponIdeal for shifting hard-to-sell stock!For more details, visit:


More Information:

Q. Web and email? A. Of course

Q. Mass-market coupons? A. Yes. For example you can deliver 100,000 copies of a single coupon.

Q. Individual coupons? A: Yes. We can issue a distinct coupon to each active email address. These are assigned at email open or page view time - reducing wasted coupons.

Q. Limited-time coupons? A: Yes: you can have an expiry date for the whole campaign and/or require that each shopper uses their coupon within x hours. 

Q. Limited-availability coupons? A: Yes. For example you can issue 5,000 coupons - then stop issuing and display an "offer expired" message.

Q. Only issue coupons to selected customers? A: Yes. For example, use slot rules to issue coupons to shoppers who have not bought recently, or have bought a specific category of product.

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11/23/2015 How-tos