How to put Real-Time Web Content in Your Emails

Text of the Infographic: Put Real-Time Web Content in Your Emails(You should replace Yahoo! News by your own Web Content.)STEP 1: Go to the Web Crop Smartblock Page:    Left nav: Content|SmartBlocks    click Web Crop    click Create Web Crop SmartBlock.STEP 2: Enter your Web Crop Properties:    SmartBlock  data-cke-saved-Name = Yahoo Name = Yahoo News Web Crop    Redirect URL = 3: Enter your Website Details:    Website URL =    CSS Selector = #mediamegatron    Click Preview and SaveSTEP 4: Create a Slot:    Hover over the new Web Crop and click Use    Choose for Email personalization    Click Use the SmartBlock in a new Slot    Slot  data-cke-saved-Name = Yahoo Name = Yahoo News Web Crop    Click SaveSTEP 5: Add it to your email    Copy and paste the HTML into your email    You'll now have real-time web content in your emails!Ideal to copy the headline offer from your home pageinto all your emails!For more details, visit

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Q: Is it clickable?

A: Yes, like all our real-time content. You can provide any
click-through URL.

Q: What is a CSS Selector?

A: The standard HTML way to select the part of the page that you want. For example, enter #myidname to match an object with an id name, or .myclassname to match objects with a class (make sure there's only one object with the class). If you don't specify any selector, you get the whole page. You can also enter top/left/height/width coordinates to crop the selected area.

Q: Can I put this in a web page too?

A: Of course - follow exactly the same steps, except for choosing "for Web Personalization".

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01/21/2015 How-tos