How To Use Real-Time Content in your Email Signature

Fresh Relevance is a massively-powerful system for real-time content, so marketing emails and web pages are fresh and relevant.

But it's not limited to that - you can use the same capabilities to add a real-time signature to all your business emails wherever they come from: desktop mail clients like Outlook, Webmail like Gmail, your marketing system, your bug tracking system etc..

For example here is my current email signature, which includes our Twitter Feed and a current announcements block. (Both are clickable):


Pete Austin
Fresh Relevance Ltd
Real-Time Behavioural Personalisation.

Real Time Content Twitter Feed
28 Statistics to Convince your boss to invest in a personalization strategy infographic


Cool eh? You're looking at a little bit of ordinary HTML, the same as in my email signature, which contains two Fresh Relevance slots. When the email is opened, Fresh Relevance delivers a Smart Block into each slot, as a real-time image. Links are also updated in real-time, so the whole thing is clickable.

How to Create a Real-Time Signature like this for Your Emails

STEP 1: Follow the instructions in this Infographic to create a Twitter Feed SmartBlock:

  • With Twitter ID = @TriggeredMsging,
  • Title = Real-time Twitter Feed,
  • and Number of Tweets = 3.

STEP 2: Create the Real-Time Announcement, using a WebCrop SmartBlock.

STEP 3: Add the real-time content into your email signature:

And you're done!

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12/19/2014 How-tos