How to Use Urgency

"Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value." -- Jim Rohn (legend)

Urgency is one of the core conversion principles for marketers. Claude Hopkins was testing it in A/B tests in the 1800s and it still works.

If you’re not weaponizing urgency effectively, in all channels including email, you should start now. It is low-hanging fruit for increasing your sales.


Fresh Relevance is Unique in helping you use Urgency:

  • Across all your channels, including real-time email
  • For CPM of $0 or $cheap (so you can afford it)


One easy way to weaponize urgency is with Countdown Timers:

  • Shipping Deadline: remaining time to order, for shipping today (CPM=$free)
  • Sale Ends: time until sale price expires (CPM=$free)
  • Personal Coupon Expires: time until personal offer ends, e.g. a coupon sent by email (CPM=$cheap)


Or you can show personalized marketing messages using Custom SmartBlocks or WebCrops:

  • Reminder of their problem: for example, "sign up for our discount plan and start saving" (CPM=$cheap)
  • Reminder that prices could increase at any time (CPM=$cheap)
  • Social proof of reducing stock or other shoppers buying (CPM=$cheap)
  • Details of how prices are changing, from your pricing API (CPM=$cheap)


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04/28/2015 How-tos