How To Reach Customer Acquisition Targets With Triggered Analytics

Customer acquisition was once a dirty phrase for email marketing technology companies.

Clients trying to get new customers would buy lists from third parties and then blast emails out to people who didn't want them.

It was spammy. The conversion and engagement rates were terrible. It also damaged the reputation of ESPs, who would be reported and blocked by spam filters.

ESPs would avoid talking about customer acquisition because clients who carried out these tactics would harm the ESP.

However, there is a way of acquiring new customers through email... without buying third-party data.

It comes down to using the data you have already in your email database. You just need to identify those people and speak to them in the right way.

Which customers haven't bought from you yet? You may have collected their email address from your site, but do you send relevant emails that target them specifically as a new customer?

Can you identify shoppers who are on your website now? Can you send them offers to help them convert after they've left your site?

Can you identify them and send them personalised messages while they're on your site?

Triggered Analytics can help you reach customer acquisition targets because it connects together your email database and customer purchase data.

3 ways Triggered Analytics can help you acquire new customers

  1. Triggered Analytics can identify and target people in your email database that haven't bought before. You can create a segment to identify those people, and send them emails that speak to them in the right way.
  2. Simiarly you can personalise bulk emails with dynamic content. You can send customers who haven't bought yet, a special offer that only appears to them.
  3. Triggered Analytics can also identify visitors while they're on your website and can detect whether they've transacted or not.

If they're not customers yet, you can speak to them in the right way. Fresh Relevance can place messages on your website, and send follow-on emails that target them as new customers.

New customers are waiting... you just have to recognise them

Many marketers look outside of their companies to get new customers. However, inside your email database there's a potential goldmine.

You simply need to segment those people who haven't bought, communicate in the right way and potentially offer incentives. Then you can convert those new customers and use email to help reach your customer acquisition targets.

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11/14/2013 Product Info