How Fresh Relevance Protects Your Visitor Numbers

Fresh Relevance collects visitor data anonymously, while they engage with your site, until the visitor trusts you enough to happily enter data such as their email address. At that point (which can even be in a later session!) we de-anonymize the data and link it to the person that we now recognize.

We do not (like some other systems) give you the choice between a rock and a hard place: losing the valuable data from visitors who haven't registered yet, or losing some of those visitors when you try to make them register too early.

Forcing People to Register too Early Drives Them Away

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"Login Walls Don’t Belong in the Initial Experience. Even though we have recommended against this since 1999, some sites still force users to log in before presenting them with any real content"

- NN/g Neilsen Norman Group (Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting)

Our client sites get the Best of Both Worlds

  1. You don't have to annoy your visitors by displaying a login/identification wall before they know about your site and products,
  2. You keep the behavioral data from when the visitor is shopping, or just getting to know your site, and
  3. You can choose exactly when to deepen the relationship by displaying a data capture form, which research shows is very effective at the right time, or just wait until the visitor logins/registers at the checkout.

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01/30/2015 Product Info