Ideas For How To Use Pinterest in Emails And Web Pages

Wondering how you can use Pinterest in emails and web pages to drive revenue and real-time engagement? Take a look at our use case for using a live Pinterest SmartBlock!

Let’s take Farmer Fred’s as an example to demonstrate how to use Pinterest SmartBlocks to improve engagement and increase conversions. Farmer Fred’s sell food products. Additionally, to promote engagement, they also share recipes on their website, which is an effective approach for encouraging customer engagement. (Click image to enlarge):

1) Pinterest Page

  • Farmer Fred’s use Pinterest to upload images about their latest products and recipes (notice the Spicy Tomato Soup). For retail or travel brands this example would be a Pinterest page with fashion pieces or vacation destinations.


2) Use Pinterest SmartBlocks in your emails and on your websites!

  • The Spicy Tomato Soup recipe is included in a Pinterest SmartBlock and located in Farmer Fred's emails and on their website. (Or you can use 2 different SmartBlocks, e.g. to show different numbers of items).
  • Our Pinterest SmartBlock shows the latest featured content from Pinterest in real-time (such as meal, fashion, vacation or ideas). Clicking takes the reader to a chosen web page.
  • All Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks can easily be included in emails and web pages by copy and pasting the SmartBlock HTML. For more details, check out our how-to blog. You can also customize them to your own brand. 


3)  Link the Pinterest images to product pages!

  • When viewers click on the Spicy Tomato Soup image they are directed to the product page to buy the products (ingredients) shown in the recipe. 
  • You can link your Pinterest images to web pages for different reasons (e.g. to encourage making purchase on a product page) or simply to your Pinterest feed for more inspiration.  



Using the Fresh Relevance Pinterest SmartBlock provides the freedom and convenience to earn direct revenue from your Pinterest engagement while creating captivating real-time Product Recommendations within your personalised emails and web pages.

Would you like to learn more about Pinterest SmartBlocks or other Fresh Relevance Features? 


10/11/2016 Product Info