How personalization impacts SEO

Dynamic content and personalization are invaluable tools to keep customers on your website, drive engagement and ultimately boost sales.

It’s natural to wonder how this content affects your website’s search rankings.

Here we’ll address some common concerns, so you can confidently get started with your personalization efforts:

Impact of popovers

Popovers that have a negative effect on user experience can cause your site to rank poorly.

Fresh Relevance users can implement time- and behavior-based rules to ensure that popovers offer relevant content and aren’t intrusive.


Cloaking is when you present one version of a web page to search engine bots while showing a different version to the users who visit it. Search engines can interpret this as foul play.

We treat search engine bots the same as we treat real visitors interacting with your site – so your personalization efforts will not be seen as a manipulation.

Content duplication

Website personalization means that different visitors are served customized variations of content. If the original content is important for your web page’s search rankings, we recommend keeping this content on-site, rather than completely replacing it with dynamic content. You shouldn’t use Fresh Relevance to dynamically serve content that’s vital for SEO. Instead, include this content in the page’s static source code.

Page load performance

Site speed is one of many key factors in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

We work to minimize the effect that Fresh Relevance tools have on your site speed. Our script loads asynchronously, so as not to slow down the page load time. The script is hosted on a CDN to reduce the time to serve.

Benefits of personalization

Personalization contributes to a more relevant customer experience. This in turn reduces bounce rate and fosters increased engagement, boosting the performance of your website overall. As long as you adhere to best practice, you shouldn’t face unfair penalties. 

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03/30/2020 Product Info