How to Write Emails - Advice from the London Police

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Original: The Job, Issue 76, Page 32.

This advice was the subject of several humorous stories in the British Press, but we think it's pretty good as a starter. It's certainly an interesting contrast from the specific marketing-orientated advice that you find elsewhere. Straightforward or naive? Read it and make up your own mind.

For example in the Daily Mirror:

Police in Britain's biggest force have been given a 211-word guide on how to send an email.

The 10-point advisory includes tips like "Give your email a subject title" and "Check for mistakes before you send it". [...]

Forces have previously advised officers on healthy eating, "not shopping on an empty stomach" and how to ride a bike.

And in the Daily Mail:

Met police issue 10-point guide to its 31,000 officers on how to write an e-mail

  • Guide urges Met Police officers not to 'prattle on' in their messages
  • 'Check your email for mistakes' among the more obvious pieces of advice
  • Top 10 list was published in the latest edition of staff magazine The Job


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03/03/2015 How-tos