How to Improve Your Email Marketing with Real-Time Triggered Analytics

Make your Email Marketing More Effective with Real-Time Triggered Analytics. Just choose your analytics and they get automatically loaded into your ESP. No complex integration! Start by treating these groups of shoppers differently to boost engagement and sales: New Customer, Regular Customer, Active, Top Customer and Disengaged.


  • Better Email marketing with Real-time Triggered Analytics.
    You want something simple to use, cheap to buy and configure, that doesn't require IT support, and that provides real-time ecommerce-based data straight into your ESP.
  • How Triggered Analytics can help you reach customer acquisition targets.
    There is a way of acquiring new customers through email... without buying third-party data. It comes down to using the data you have already in your email database. You just need to identify those people and speak to them in the right way.
  • Honeymoon e-Marketing
    Newly-weds and their honeymoons. They're like a BBQ and Australians, the Royal Family and Britain, a teenager and sarcasm. With one comes the other. What's the link to email marketing, I hear you impatiently mutter?
  • When is a Dollar not a Dollar?.
    If a business could successfully transform new subscribers or first-time purchasers into high-value repeat customers, they could be on the receiving end of a mind-blowing increase in sales and revenue.

Fresh Relevance: Real-Time Targeting

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09/08/2018 How-tos