July 2016 Enhancements

Here are some highlights from our 100+ improvements in July 2016:

1) Weather Rules, for Content Targeted on Local Weather | Read More

Do you have products that become especially relevant with certain weather? Maybe you need to promote cold weather clothing in a cold snap, umbrellas if it’s raining or maybe (hopefully) there is a sudden heat wave and you need to promote make-up containing sun protection.

A new Slot Rule selects content for your users based on the weather at their current location, or a location that they are travelling to. You can use it to select Product Recommendations or any other type of SmartBlock.

2) Weather Forecast SmartBlocks | Read More

An actual visible weather forecast picture, to include in any email or web page.

For example Travel Marketers can show the weather forecast in countdown emails for a customer's holiday, to engage them prior to their trip and make them think about buying things from you before they travel.

3) Pop-overs (Overlays) now Available to All Clients on Pro or Enterprise Subscriptions | Read More

These can be accessed by clients on Pro or Enterprise packages. Client services can create popovers for clients on Basic packages, as a paid service package.

4) Split Testing: Which Smartblock Performs Better? | Read More

The new A:B Testing functionality makes it quick and simple for you to try out any type of content in a slot on your website or email; not just product recommendations, but countdown timers, banners, coupons and much more. Compare two or more alternatives and use a percentage slider to control what proportion of users will see each SmartBlock.

Integrated reports show you which version gives the best conversions, so you can optimize your content.

5) Segment Builder Scheduled Rebuild

Segments can now be set to regenerate every 'n' days so they are always up-to-date with recent shopper behavior.  When set to regenerate, they will expire just before they are re­generated.

You can now see by hovering over a segment when it will expire or when it will be regenerated.

When a segment is built (either for the first time or when regenerated), the person who requested the segment to be built will be emailed.

6) Product Import Enhancements

  • Support for Google_Currency_Field attribute in field mapping
  • Fields containing Google Shopping prices can be imported using the google_currency_field attribute
  • Added “stock” type to product import mapping. This converts “in stock” or “yes” to 1, other values to 0
  • A fixed default value can now be set in one or more fields for every imported product (or person) record.

7) Simpler creation of dynamic images that use the recipient's name

This is useful for personalizing images in an email campaign with the name of the recipient, e.g. putting their name onto a personalized product, or putting their name into a holiday photo.

It's been greatly simplified and streamlined, and a task copilot will be available shortly to illustrate the process.

8) Help: New Task Copilots - Guided Walkthroughs -  such as Setting up Product Recommendations

Task Co­pilots have been created which walk the user through a task with friendly pop­up boxes. (These are similar to the on-screen guidance that you get in the training level of some video games.) The user can make choices - such as picking a different template, and choosing their own names - so the copilot can be used whenever that task needs to be performed.

As a first stage, co­pilots have been created for:

9) Help: New Videos Added, including;

  • Reporting
  • Jinja
  • Split Testing SmartBlocks
  • Segment Builder
  • Deploying Content­ Slots and Rules
  • Abandonment Settings
  • Wider System Settings

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08/18/2016 Product Info