The ultimate customer loyalty lookbook featuring JH

15 real-life B2C personalization examples to boost customer loyalty

To survive and thrive amidst tighter budgets and an ever-expanding pool of competitors, B2C stores need to have loyalty tactics in place to foster a loyal base of customers.

But you’ll need to make sure the tactics you use resonate with shoppers rather than leaving them cold or worse, putting them off.

In this lookbook, you’ll find best-in-class examples of customer loyalty tactics from 15 B2C businesses, selected based on findings from the Fresh Relevance Loyalty Report 2021. 

Learn how to:

  • Build trust with ratings, reviews and user-generated content
  • Reward loyal customers with early sale access
  • Increase urgency with dynamic countdown timers
  • Bring shoppers back to your website with triggered emails
  • Foster the customer relationship with personalized post-purchase guides and product recommendations