Personalization demystified

Discover personalization and optimization tactics and tips with our curated learning paths

Each learning path includes fundamentals to help you understand different personalization tactics, along with use cases and practical advice to empower you to implement each tactic into your marketing.

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eCommerce personalization

Discover what eCommerce personalization is, the difference between personalization and demographic segmentation, and how to get started.

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Personalized product recommendations

Learn more about the difference between non-personalized and personalized product recommendations, how to measure success, and what to look for in a product recommendation solution.

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Dynamic content

Discover the difference between dynamic content and static content, learn more about types of dynamic content and how to implement dynamic content into your marketing.

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Behavioral targeting

Learn what behavioral targeting is, the benefits of behavioral targeting, how it works, and examples.

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Market segmentation

Discover the four types of market segmentation with real-life examples and learn how to monitor your segments.

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Browse abandonment

Find out more about browse abandonment, what causes it, and how you can combat it with triggered browse abandonment emails.

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Cart abandonment

Find out more about cart abandonment, what causes it, and how you can combat it with triggered cart abandonment emails.

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Learn more about the benefits of geotargeting and the difference between geotargeting and geofencing, along with several use cases.

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Social proof

Discover what social proof is in digital marketing, how to add social proof to your website and emails and what to look out for in a social proof solution.

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Testing and optimization

Discover the benefits of testing and optimization, common testing methods, client-side vs server-side testing, and use cases.

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Customer Data Management

Discover what customer data management is, 5 best practices, and whether to choose a CDP vs DMP.

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