Magento Cart Rebuild: Automatically add a Free Gift

This is a great incentive for the shopper to complete their purchase.

  1. A shopper abandons their cart, on your Magento-powered ecommerce site, and receives a cart abandonment email
  2. The email shows the products that they put in their cart, together with an offer of a free product.
  3. If they click-through to the website, the free product is automatically added to their cart

Example Cart Layout



As you can see, this cart layout has an advert for the free offer in addition to its normal content. You can design this advert using standard HTML, or use a Banner SmartBlock.

The click-through link has an "extra_items" merge code, that causes the free product (or products) to be added to the cart.

More Information

  • You can set this up yourself, or we can do it as a paid service
  • For instructions, edit a cart layout at Content|Cart Layout|Edit and scoll down to Magento DDL - Cart Rebuild

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07/20/2016 Product Info