Email Marketing with Dynamic Images introduced at ecommerce expo 2014

Your email marketing can generate more sales, with our new Smartblocks, which are formatted at open time and personalize emails and web pages. 

  • Traditional emails are formatted at email send time, so the content is immediately stale and gets more out-of-date with every minute that passes before it's opened.
  • SmartBlock content is formatted at open time, so it's fresh and relevant. It reacts to what customers do now, and what's in stock now - not back before the email was sent.
  • Marketers are back in control of their marketing. You can even make changes *after* an email has been sent, as circumstances change.

How to Use SmartBlocks in Emails

How to Use SmartBlocks in Web Pages

Here is a count-down timer to the ecommerce expo show, demonstrating that timers can be useful as well as creating urgency. Copy-and-paste the image URL into your own emails and it will still update as time passes.


see you next year

And here's the live uk news:

You can use a web crop to select any content from a website - such as news, a headline offer, or any content on your website that's generated by complicated legacy code - and include a real-time copy in your emails.

More about SmartBlocks in Emails, SmartBlocks in Web Pages.

Previous email about the show.

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09/29/2014 Product Info