New Reporting Features

We've added several new features to our reporting area. Some highlights:

Daily Totals

You can now report daily, weekly or monthly totals for some key metrics by choosing Reports|Conversions. These include:

  • Purchased Products
  • Abandoned Products
  • Recovered Purchases
  • Full Data (ideal for copying into a spreadsheet)

For each of these, the system will now show you a table with the count and value neatly totalled. You can choose the time interval:

  • Daily Totals  - based on UTC Timezone
  • Weekly Totals - for weeks starting Sunday
  • Monthly Totals - for complete calendar months

Campaign Reports

If you have web analytics integration enabled - and if you haven't, you really should - talk to us or simply look for web analytics integration in Help | Integration.

Campaigns from your ESP which resulted in conversions are tracked through to various types of conversion by Fresh Relevance. This new report shows how many conversions of the specified type occurred for each campaign during the selected time interval. For example, you can now find out how many purchases or how many abandoned carts came from a particular campaign.

Detail Reports

The detail reports - for example, Report | Purchased, now has additional columns containing the campaign id, source and link id. Using this, you can track every purchase back to the ESP campaign or PPC source that drove the purchase. You can also track other conversion types, such as abandons, to spot patterns of behaviour that would be hard to identify using other tools.

What new features would you like to see? What reports would you find useful? Let us know by contacting support.

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02/15/2013 Product Info