New Reporting Options to Optimize your Campaigns

Fresh Relevance reports just got better. Clients asked us for a way to look at reports for a range of dates, or for a particular trigger. We thought these were great ideas, so we've implemented them.

Most reports can now be filtered by a range of dates

The previous system just provided a set of "last n days" options, which was a good start and very convenient. We've kept these presets so you can still use them just as before. And we have added:

  • This Month - current calendar month, up to today
  • Last Month - previous calendar month
  • Today - current day, until now
  • Yesterday
  • Custom Range - choose two dates by clicking the calendars


See the different types of recovery results separately

Particularly for Cart Abandonment and Browse Abandonment, we've provided ways to filter the "messages sent" and "recoveries" reports based on which trigger was responsible. This is really easy to use:

  1. Click Triggers.
  2. Click the little report icons on the right:

  1. Or click Reports | Reports Home
  2. Click Recovered Value to see all the report of individual recoveries
  3. Click Trigger Key or Program Type on the right, to filter the recoveries by trigger program or recovery type.

Want more features?

If you would like more features - whether reporting or elsewhere - do get in touch. We love your feedback, and use it wherever possible to improve the product.

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09/06/2013 Product Info