Honeymoon e-Marketing

Newly-weds and their honeymoons. They're like a BBQ and Australians, the Royal Family and Britain, a teenager and sarcasm. With one comes the other. The link to email marketing, I hear you impatiently mutter? Customers and their new mobile devices! That probably wasn't as exciting an answer as you'd hoped, was it?


The feeling of owning a new device is universal.

You never let it out of your sight, somehow keep finding excuses to bring it up in conversation and download dozens of apps on it to keep you entertained. And it's with these apps that opportunities for email marketers to segment and market app-ear (I'll get my coat).

The newness of a device carries with it inherent prospects for the email marketer. The happy owner uses their device to surf websites, buy products and keep up to date with news, all from the comfort of their toilet seat. The likelihood of subscriptions, in the form of mobile apps, that the device owner uses to achieve these tasks increases as the new item is put through its paces.

But eventually...

As with all new things, this love affair ends (hopefully unlike the marriage). The phone is thrown carelessly from sofa to sofa, the tablet left uncharged for days on end and newspapers return to the home. Is it even worth investing in such a fickle event? A potential $1 trillion market says yes. Capitalise on the beginning of their journey and secure a lifelong relationship!


With mobile browsing comes customer information. When an existing user is seen to be surfing via a mobile device for the first time, Triggered Analytics by Fresh Relevance allows you to capitalise on this behaviour by using real-time data to filter segments and market effectively at these consumers. And we also identity your visitors favorite type of phone and tablet, so you know if they are Android people or Apple people.


Emotion and feeling are powerful notions to customers, and if tapped in to, a handy source of revenue for businesses. Those that can associate themselves with this feeling of newness and market at new device consumers using real-time data and segmented campaigning could see customer lifetime value increase.


Enjoy the honeymoon. But remember to use those first, blissful weeks to build for the relationship ahead.

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11/12/2013 Product Info