Personalize Everything, Automatically

With Fresh Relevance you can now personalize all your marketing automatically.

Our system collects data about what your site visitors are doing, what products they're looking at, what they're buying. Then we provide real-time feeds of products that are relevant to them, automatically. You can use these feeds in:

  • Your email campaigns, sent with your existing ESP
  • Your website
  • Triggered Emails, such as cart and browse abandonment emails.

Here's the new screen where you configure the content which will be automatically included in your email campaigns. This particular example is setup for our partners dotMailer, but we work with most major email marketing systems.

Email campaigns can then automatically include product recommendations based on the individual behavior of the recipient. Here's a simple example:

The same recommendation feeds can be used in your email campaigns, triggered emails and your website.

We work with most major email marketing systems and most eCommerce systems, including custom shopping carts.

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09/11/2013 Product Info