Personalize your Website in 8 Easy Steps

For the vast majority of companies, personalization has stayed largely in the realm of email marketing. Although these emails are still effective, what’s more effective is following this through with a personalized web page.

Studies have shown that when a personalized experience is provided, customers remain on your website longer, download more offers, and ultimately purchase more products. 

1. Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations usually appear when the user first enters your website. They show a variety of products recommended for each individual customer, based on their previously browsed or previously purchased products. They're great for further engaging your customers, and can be given before your customer has even given any of their details. 

2. Personalized Banners

A very simple but effective personalization tool is Personalized Banners. It ensures your customer recognizes that they have been on your website before, and adds a sense of trust and familiarity. 

3. Personalized Navigation

Product feeds don’t just have to sit in product pages, they can be used to great effect when included in Site Navigation. This can help with navigation from the home page that encourages rapid engagement with products.

4. Social Integration

Embedding content and links to your company’s Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is another great way to improve your website’s personalization, as well as advertising your own social media accounts. Adding a preview of your company’s latest Tweets and Instagram posts is a great way of getting customers more involved in your brand. These can also be updated in real-time using our platform, meaning the user will always see the latest posts, without having to refresh their browser.

5. Countdown Timers

This is a really great way to get personal with your customers. The possibilities are endless with what you could use Countdown Timers for, but a Fresh Relevance favourite is a countdown to a shipping deadline. Seeing that you only have ‘35 minutes left’ to qualify for next day delivery increases the sense of urgency for the customer to complete their purchases, and reduces time available for dithering!

Below is a live Countdown Timer

live countdown timer example

6. Local Weather Forecasts

Showing your customers their Local Weather Forecast would work wonders for your website’s personalization. This works especially well with online fashion retailers and travel companies, where customers can see what the weather should be like in the forthcoming days and then buy clothes accordingly. Alternatively, you can recommend products based on a local weather forecast using the Fresh Relevance Weather Slot Rules.

Below is a live weather forecast for London. The background image changes depending on what the weather is like!
Live Weather SmartBlock

7. Social Proof

Social Proof is an excellent way of increasing the sense of urgency to buy a product. If the customer can see just how many other people are viewing the same product, or have purchased the same product in the last 24 hours, they would be more likely to purchase the product themselves; creating an "I must buy this now before it sells out" mentality.

8. Popover

Popovers are a great way to capture email addresses, reduce site abandonment, and display relevant offers to customers. Fresh Relevance gives you control, with the use of Slot Rules, to define exactly who, how, and when a Popup Overlay is served; a great final touch to personalize your website!


Below is an example of these best features put together in an example web page:

And the best news of all is... 

All of these features are available through Fresh Relevance! So what are you waiting for?


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12/20/2016 Product Info