Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews help shoppers make purchase decisions and feel confident about their choice. 66% of online shoppers are most likely to read reviews when considering buying something and 74%  are influenced by product reviews to some extent. Our Ratings and Reviews feature makes it quick and easy for you to leverage customer endorsements in your email marketing and online store.

What is it?

Fresh Relevance Ratings and Reviews integrates ratings on your products and store from the leading customer review platforms Bazaarvoice, Feefo, PowerReviews and Trustpilot into your digital marketing. You have full control of how ratings and reviews are presented so that the use of this content is consistent across all channels.



Why do I need it?

This type of social proof is an effective tactic to increase revenue. Clients using this functionality have seen increases in engagement and conversions from bulk and behavioral triggered emails. In fact, a leading British retailer reports a 39% increase in conversions from cart abandonment emails containing ratings and reviews, compared to shopping recovery emails that don’t include them.

How do I use it?

Our API regularly pulls down real-time ratings and reviews and combines them with our rich product database. You can customise the design of stars ratings so that they'll fit seamlessly with your branding. By applying filters, you can produce recommendation blocks such as “Top Rated Products” and control the products that are shown by setting a minimum star rating and number of reviews.


Use cases

1) Add rating stars to product recommendations in emails.

2) Display detailed product reviews in bulk and behavioral triggered emails.

Product Review in Email


3) Filter product recommendations using star ratings so that best reviewed products are surfaced.

Recommended products with ratings


4) Target first-time shoppers with store reviews.


You can serve store reviews to those customers where this message is most needed.  For example, potential customers can be shown strong store review messaging whereas loyal customers that already have a relationship with a store can be shown more beneficial messaging.

Service Reviews


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02/09/2018 Product Info