Real-Time Content Tools for Travel Companies

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Travel companies can easily boost engagement and revenue with a well-designed marketing strategy and the right content tools. Fresh Relevance provides customizable and personalizable Real-Time Content Tools so you can make the most of every contact. Have a look at our extensive list of real-time features:

Countdown Timers

Animated Countdown Timers help travel companies to increase urgency, boost engagement and increase sales from email and web. Countdown Timers drive urgency, e.g. “Book in the next {time period} and get 20% off this holiday". 

Live pricing is a must for travel companies. Countdown Timers and our other content tools can show the current price and availability of a flight or hotel room, read by our server from your pricing API, and displayed in every email and web page.

Product Recommendations

A Product Recommendation SmartBlock is a grid of products, chosen and displayed in real-time, where you pick the rules and the layout. Like all our tools, the same content can be used in both emails and web pages. Travel companies can display top sellers, trending holidays, or offers appealing to the current shopper, that also match the other content on the current page or email.

Product Recommendations reduce your marketing costs. Once you choose the rules, your Product Recommendations and other content tools automatically update in real-time, so there's less need for manual changes.

Social Proof

Social Proof is extremely effective, as buyers trust information from other shoppers more than marketers. So it really helps them when deciding on a deal. For example you can show the number of people shopping or who have recently bought, to prove your offers are popular..

Social Media Integration (Instagram & Pinterest SmartBlocks, Real-time Twitter feed)

Integrate your social marketing on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter into your email and web pages in real-time. This helps you to drive engagement and sales, which is especially important for travel brands, as people often take inspiration from social media when choosing holidays.

Weather Features

Our Weather Features really make a difference when talking about travel marketing. Base your offers on the weather here and the weather there - for example show sunny beach holidays to shoppers who are looking at grey skies through their window, vs city breaks when the weather is good.

You can recommend offers based on weather (to help prepare for the current holiday), or show the local weather forecast at different destinations, or combine these two.

Web Crops

Our Web Crop feature is a real-time “screen capture”, so you can copy custom content from your website into your emails. If you have invested in sophisticated custom logic to personalize your website, you can copy this into your emails almost free. For example the rewards that each customer has earned in your loyalty scheme. Web Crops mean that your emails automatically keep in step with your website.


Include a Popover to capture email addresses, reduce site abandonment and display offers throughout your web pages. You can target forms at visitors depending on their stage in the customer journey, which makes it real personalized to each individual and more likely to succeed. For example you could show a popover form when customers leave your site having viewed some holidays, saying “we would like to send you an email of all details of the holidays you just browsed”.


A Banner is the main focus on your website/email. Just show an announcement or hero image that will be highlighted and get the visitor’s attention for the first look. For the best result, add personalized content, such as “Welcome back Susan, because you're a regular customer, we're offering you priority access to this holiday!” When it comes to Fresh Relevance Banner Personalization, marketers have infinite creative control to serve content based on rules such as first-time visit, browse/cart abandonment, time-of-day, season, returning customer, and purchase history.


Coupons are a great way to entice and retain customers. Offer discounts to previous customers or returning people to your pages to encourage them to take action. Naturally we can personalize them or show codes that are only valid for the current shopper. Check out how to use Coupons across channels.


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