Real-Time Marketing Report for Q4: 2020

This quarterly report covers Email and Web Personalization plus Cart and Browse Recovery results for Q4 2020: Oct-Dec based on the performance of Fresh Relevance clients.

In Q4 2020, our average client doing personalization made $80K extra sales for each $1M of turnover. 

And our average client doing Cart and Browse abandonment made $207K extra sales for each $1M of turnover (29% more than cart abandonment emails alone).

Average identification rates for cart abandonment are 41.5%, and 12.6% for browse abandonment.


Version in USD ($)

Version in EUR (€)



This Quarter Figures


Sales Uplift from Lightweight Personalization


Extra sales attributed to Fresh Relevance compared to normal sales

Sales Uplift from Recovery Emails

20.7% (13.7% from Cart Recovery plus 7.0% if Browse Recovery is done too.)

Extra sales attributed to Fresh Relevance compared to normal sales

Proportion of Carts Abandoned

58.98% by number

Number of abandoned carts/total number of carts

Proportion of revenue from Browse Recovery


Browse Recovery revenue/Cart and Browse Recovery revenue (for clients doing both)

Average identification rate for Cart Abandonment



Average identification rate for Browse Abandonment



Average return from a single Cart Recovery Email



Average return from a single Browse Rcovery Email



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