Real-Time Marketing Report for September 2013

This is a monthly report by Fresh Relevance, to provide statistics on the effectiveness of real-time marketing. This report covers cart and browse recovery over a 30-day period in August-September 2013. (Next report for October 2013)

Statistic August Figures Notes
Number of customers whose anonymised data was used 1.2 million From a representative sample of Fresh Relevance clients, mainly in the USA and UK.
Proportion of Carts Abandoned 60.55% by number
67.83% by value
Click Through Rate on recovery emails 14.37% By campaign. Cart recovery emails.
Purchase Rate after click-through 41.83% Cart recovery emails.
Average Order Value of recovered purchase as opposed to regular purchases 15.0% Higher for a recovered purchase Cart recovery emails.
Proportion of revenue from browse recovery 31.13% Browse recovery revenue / cart+browse recovery revenue (for clients doing both)
Average return from a single cart recovery email $8.08 Cart recovery emails.
Average return from a single browse recovery email $1.60 Browse recovery emails.
Sales uplift 11.49% (7.91% from cart recovery plus 3.57% if browse recovery is done too) Extra sales attributed to Fresh Relevance, compared to normal sales.

Key observations:

  1. The figures are level or slightly up from August 2013, with the exception of sales uplift.
  2. The average sales uplift is down from last month, which turns out to be entirely due to figures from companies selling Summer-related products (holidays, sun cream etc). Sales uplift was calculated by giving equal weight to all companies, regardless of size, which is why they could move the average significantly. My theory, and it's no more than that, is that September marks the end of the main Summer sales period in the northern hemisphere and so trading conditions changed massively for this sector.
  3. To answer the question from last month, the "average return from a single cart recovery email" is up a bit.
  4. The usual warnings apply. There is a lot of variation in sales uplift across our clients - everyone is making money, but not equally so. And, as with all such data, there is room for error in these figures. The recorded results could be too high, because some customers were going to buy anyway even if we didn't send recovery emails, or too low because some were reminded by the emails but bought in a way that we couldn't measure. We do our best, but nothing is 100% accurate.

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