Monitor Success With Real-Time Marketing

“What was the Return On Investment of your marketing this week?” Ever been asked that and not been able to respond? Well, Fresh Relevance now makes this easy to answer!

It was important for our customers to be able to see this information in an easy format that can be simply adjusted for different time frames and that shows the effectiveness of various real-time marketing tactics; so we did just that.

Just click Reports|ROI, enter the amount that you paid last month, and read off the headline figures.

  1. Last Month: is the amount you paid us
  2. Revenue - Cart Recovery: is the extra sales attributed to cart recovery emails that we sent
  3. Revenue - Browse Recovery: is the extra sales attributed to browse recovery emails that we sent
  4. Revenue - SmartBlock assists: is the extra sales attributed to clicks on a SmartBlock (may overlap with #2 or #3)
  5. ROI: is our calculation of the Return on Investment, in extra sales, for the amount you paid us 

The ROI report page also includes four graphs which drill down into SmartBlock performance: Sales Uplift, SmartBlock Conversions, Sales, and Unique SmartBlocks used. Here's one of those:

Not using Browse Recovery yet? Only using a few SmartBlocks? We hope the ROI report provides all the evidence you need to increase your marketing and sell more products.

Find out more!

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