Research: Do Popover Subscribe Forms Work?

We have just run a long-term trial on our marketing site. We originally only had a form in the footer. Now we have added a Popover on every page of our site, except the home page, which appears when a visitor waits 30 seconds.



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Fresh Relevance provides Popover subscribe forms for our clients. But there's little reliable evidence about how well they work (for example do they increase bounce rate?), so we decided to find out. 

BEFORE: Our marketing site had been largely unchanged for 12 months and included an email subscribe form in the footer of every page which generated a small number of signups.

DURING THE EXPERIMENT: We displayed a simple Popover subscribe form - the one in the infographic - for 1 month, using the following rules:

  • Show it when a visitor waits 30 seconds on a page (except on the homepage)
  • Only show it once per session
  • Don't show it to visitors who we recognize and who are already signed up.

THE RESULTS: were very impressive. We got 11x as many signups from the Popover form as we previously got from the form in the footer - this increase is highly statistically significant. We also got 2x as many signups from the form in the footer too, presumably because visitors were being reminded that they could sign up - we've done follow-up research to check and this increase is also highly statistically significant. 

CONCLUSION: Popover subscribe forms can work very well and we strongly recommend that you should try one. For more advice on Popover forms, see here

NEXT: we provide a wide range of possible settings - so we're doing more research and trying different rules, to see what works best. There will be another report based on this research, late in 2016.

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