Show the Same Content in Web and Email

Marketing Manager Charley has a tricky job. She needs to personalize the experience of all her customers across all channels.

Charley's life just got easier. She can now create one email and send it to her whole list. She has created different smartblocks, which will show to customers paired with product recommendations based on their most frequently browsed category.

These smartblock banners and recommendations will be repeated on the homepage of the website when Charley's customers view it, completely congruent with the email content. Data is collected in real-time as the customer is browsing the website, updating the smartblocks to correspond the activity. This means recommendations and banners will update in real-time to give a seamless customer experience, only seeing content that is still relevant to them, and Charley can sit back and watch the sales increase.

Charley is smart. Be like Charley.

More Information:

Q: Is it clickable? A: Yes, like all our real-time content.

Q: Can I edit this SmartBlock in real-time, even after emails have been sent. A: Yes of course.

Q: How do I switch to a different SmartBlock in real-time, even after emails have been sent? A: Edit the slot rules.

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01/27/2016 How-tos