Triggered Email Personalization and Customization for Travel Companies

This is blog post two out of four in the Fresh Relevance Travel Series.

Travel companies are in a unique position in that they have an abundance of data at their disposal due to the nature of their business. Using data such as destination, dates, budgets, categories and products browsed, even perhaps a birthday, travel companies can build robust and highly relevant triggered email campaigns to increase sales uplift and engagement.

Let’s take a look at 2 email examples using Fresh Relevance features. In addition to the included examples, cart abandon and promotional, Fresh Relevance also powers browse abandon and post-purchase emails. All integrated with real-time tools and features.

Cart or Browse Abandon Emails

Cart and Browse Abandon Recovery Emails  increase purchase completion rates and bring consumers back to your website to continue down the funnel. Fresh Relevance takes your recovery email campaigns to an advanced level with highly relevant and personalized features such as Product Recommendations based on previously browsed categories, Coupons, Social Proof and Countdown Timers to increase urgency. Check out the image for all features we can provide you with:

Promotional Email

Consumers have become overloaded with offers and promotions. How does a brand stand out? Fresh Relevance believes in the value of serving relevant offers and promotions, based on real-time data and interactions. Our real-time tools such as Weather Rules and Product Recommendations provide consumers with information and products based on their individual personalized data set. Additionally, Fresh Relevance offers convenient bulk email features such as Web-Crop and Live Pricing that update and feed in straight from your website. See the image for all the tools for a promotional email:

The next article in our Travel series will feature expanded examples and explanations of our real-time live features such as countdown timers, coupons, live pricing, social proof, personalized banners and more. Fresh Relevance offers an exciting set of tools that drive revenue and engagement within your existing email and website platforms.

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